Software: If you're a county official we have you covered.

We have a presence in 72 Arkansas counties, and a software package available for Assessors, Collectors, Treasurers, County Judges, Clerks, Circuit Clerks, and more.

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Software Solutions

Hardware Solutions

Hardware: Our systems are precisely suited to the courthouse environment.

We have twenty five years of working in the courthouse and we understand the demands of County Government.

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Support: AIS support is unrivaled in the County Government sector.

In situations where AIS provided the hardware and software, all it takes is one call and AIS will solve the problem. There is no finger pointing here.

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Customer Satisfaction

Data Services

Data Services: Do you need specific data sets for marketing or research?

Our company offers custom data extraction services to parties interested in real estate data. We can extract specific fields, and apply advanced filtering options to selectively retrieve the data you are interested in. Once retrieved, the data will be formatted to your exact specifications.

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